US Immigration and Applying for a Green Card

Permanent residency in the United States is an opportunity many strive for. However, obtaining that status has its share of road blocks due to the different applications available for US Permanent Residence or US Green Cards.  The immigration lawyers at Niren and Associates Boston office specializes in both US and Canadian immigration issues and may be the ideal for answering any questions you may have.

Obtaining a Green Card

Family Based Petitions or Family Sponsorships

Depending on your situation, you may be eligible to apply for a US Green Card using a Family based Petition for having relatives living in the US as US Citizens or Green Card holders. Certain family members may be eligible to sponsor or petition you for a Green Card.

Spousal Sponsorship Petitions I-130

If you are married to a US Citizen or a Green Card holder, your spouse may be eligible to sponsor you by filing an I-130 Petition. However, your spouse must earn an income that is equivalent to at least 125% above the poverty line. If this is not the case, your spouse will have to have a co-sponsor or co-signer complete an I-864 application form. Of course it is more complicated than this. Further if your spouse is not a US Citizen and only a Green Card holder or a US Permanent Resident, then the application can take much longer, usually a number of years to process.

Application Procedures for US Citizen Spouses

1. The Consular Processing application where the foreign spouse usually remains outside the US while the application is in process and the application is forwarded to that spouse’s local US Consulate.

2. The Adjustment of Status (AOS) process. This process is for applicants who are already in the US usually as visitors, workers or students and who marry a US Citizen and want to remain in the US while their Spousal Petition is in process. This application involves filing an AOS application (Form I-485) along with the other applications such as the I-130 and I-864. The application is usually filed the local district office in the state you live in.

Note: If you file an AOS application you cannot leave the US until the application has been approved unless you also file an I-131 application for Application for Advance Parole with the other AOS documents. Understanding the various aspects of these applications are often difficult. Niren and Associates possesses over 14 years of experience processing applications for permanent residence. Allow us to try and help you with a no-obligation assessment.

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General Family Sponsorship Petitions

In certain circumstances, you may be able to be sponsored for a US Green Card by a relative who is a US Citizen or US Permanent Resident such as your sibling or parent. These applications usually take longer than Spousal Sponsorship Applications and Adjustment of Status (AOS) procedure are usually not available in such cases.

Employment-Based Petitions for a Green Card

You may have a US employer who is willing to Petition you for US Permanent Residence. In this case, most applicants are usually already in the US on a valid US Work Visa such as an L1 Visa or an H-1B Visa. These Green Card applications are called Employment Based Petitions and usually involve filing an I-140 application to the Service Centre located in the jurisdiction of the place of employment. These applications are complicated and you should consult an immigration lawyer to assist you and your company with the application.

We May Be Able to Help

Gaining a Green Card may open doors to privileges otherwise inaccessible to you. However, not thoroughly going through the application process may prevent your chances of bringing your dreams to reality. Niren and Associates have successfully helped many in starting a new life for themselves and are confident that we will be able to effective assess your situation.

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It was a pleasure working with Niren and Associates and with our key contact.  She was helpful and prompt with her responses and did her absolute best to ensure we had the strongest application possible for our case… We would recommend Niren and Associates to any of our friends and colleagues considering representation for a U.S. I-130 visa application. – Candice S