E-2 US Work Visas and What You Should Know

The opportunity to gain employment in the US may be monumental. However, knowing the right means to secure immigration status is fundamental. Failure to properly submit the documentation will often will result in loss of opportunity. Niren and Associates’ team of lawyers specializes in immigration issues and may be ideal for such a visa challenge.

Understanding the E-2 Visa for Investors

E Visas and US work visas are for people who are entering the U.S. for work in trade or in investment in services or activities. These visas can only be issued to countries where there is a treaty with the foreign national’s country and the USA.  There are two basic categories for E Visas:

1. E-1 (Trader)
2. E-2 (Investor)

E-2 Work Visas and How to Qualify

E-2 visas US work visas and are for owners and investors in businesses in the United States. The E-2 is a non-immigrant us work visa that may be granted for “substantial” investments in the U.S. An investment must meet several criteria in order to qualify for an E-2 visa.

These are the basic conditions for qualifying for an E-2 Visa.

• Showing that “substantial” investment or funds are available and committed to the investment;
• The investment must be in an active business as opposed to passive investment such as purchasing a home;
• At least 50% of the business must be owned by an alien from a country which has a treaty with the United States;
• The investment must create enough profit to provide a living for more than just the alien and his/her family.

Employees of E-2 companies may be granted E-2 visas if they are or will be engaged in duties that are executive, managerial, or supervisory in nature.

Although the E-2 Visa offers great benefits, knowing exactly what is entitled to you is paramount. The team at Niren and Associates have more than a decade of experience and may be able to help you.

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E-1 “Treaty Trader” Visas

E-1 visas are for individuals involved in the exchange, purchase or sale of goods/services or merchandise. Services include technology transfer, architecture and engineering services, management consulting or accounting. The trade in goods and services should be substantial, as defined by the INS, in terms of value, volume or a large number of small transactions. The trade must also meet the following criteria:
• The trade must be principally with the treaty country.
• More than 50% of the total volume of international trade must be between the U.S. and the treaty country.
• The amount of trade must be sufficient to ensure a continuous flow of international trade between the U.S. and the treaty country.
• Trade can be binding contracts that call for the future exchange of items.
• Income derived from the value of numerous transactions that is sufficient to support the trades and his/her family is a favorable factor.

When it comes to seeking foreign employment, it is always better to be cautious and aware of the legalities. Not having the proper paperwork can mean a missed opportunity. Our expert team in Boston will act in your best interst to help represent you.

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