About Our Corporate Immigration Services

Corporate Immigration Lawyer ClientsRecently awarded the 2010 “Top Choice Award” for the Top Immigration Law Firm in Toronto, Canada, Niren and Associates is a global immigration service provider. Since its modest beginnings in 1997, the practice has since expanded its offices throughout Canada and into the US. It is one of Canada’s largest full service immigration firms.

Its corporate practice consists of highly qualified and internationally recognized attorneys. The corporate services are headed by Asher Frankel, who himself has 25 years of experience representing some of the world’s industry leaders. The network allows itself to service clients globally, especially where a more hands-on approach is required.

Niren and Associates’ Formula for Success

Niren and Associates believes that diversity in its people, their interests, expertise, and points of view enhances its ability to administer superior legal assistance. Immigration services are global in nature. So, it is only logical that its team reflects this characteristic. A culturally diverse team provides not only a language base to communicate, but also an edge in understanding cultural nuances for its stakeholders.

Client Services and Its Importance

Client service is an integral part of the job, not merely an “add on” to the technical aspects of visa processing. The clients, their employees and government decision makers are the foundation of Visa processing. This means that for successful outcomes, the firm must maintain the highest level of customer service which involves, first and foremost, always being accessible. Collaborating with clients on an ongoing basis, meeting and exceeding performance targets, assisting applicants with their post-visa issues and mapping out future plans with clients to ensure their mobility needs are met are all the cornerstones to effective client services.

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Before contacting your firm I had engaged two law firms in the USA. The first was quick to quote a non-refundable price and send contracts. After this they were also quick to tell me it was unnecessary to meet in person. I was only allowed to communicate via e-mail or through the front desk… Then we found your firm. I made the call and you all treated me with total respect and responded promptly to my needs… Once you took our case I felt like I was your only concern and not just another client on your list. – Alan S.

Working with HR Managers for US and Canada Visa Solutions

Niren and Associates is experienced in handling large volumes of visa applications including Work Visas, intercompany transfers, NAFTA, business visitors, installers, consultants and permanent residence. We work closely with HR Managers to develop a plan for their employees’ cross border applications.

Our US Business Visa Services include:

Corporate Canadian Business Visa Services

Our Canadian Visa Services include:

With the increasing need to maximize return on investments, organizations must continuously adapt and improve their business processes to remain competitive in today’s global market. Niren and Associates has the experience and resources to help achieve results.

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