What is Family Class Immigration?

When an foreigner is sponsored by a permanent resident who is also a close family member, this is considered Family Class immigration. Although, a great way to gain entry into Canada, this does not guarantee their stay. Contacting with a seasoned immigration lawyer is often beneficial when maneuvering though the logistics of immigration status.

To qualify as a Sponsor for your relative you must be:

• Your spouse or
• Your Mother or Father or*
• Your Grandmother or Grandfather or*
• Your dependent child
• Your brother, sister, nephew, niece who is orphaned under the age of 19 years and who is unmarried
• Any relative who has no relatives listed above whom they can sponsor

*Parent and Grandparent sponsorships are temporarily cancelled. Supervisas  Now Available!

Important Criteria for Becoming a Sponsor

The Sponsor must be able to financially support the immigrant (and dependents) and to provide for their essential needs. There are strict income requirements that the Sponsor must meet. However, if the Sponsor is sponsoring a spouse or a dependent child under the age of 19 who is unmarried, then these strict income requirements do not apply.

The Sponsor must also sign a Sponsorship Agreement between the Sponsor, the Immigrant as and with the Government of Canada. The agreement states that the sponsor must  provide the essential needs of the immigrant and dependents for a prescribed period of time. Failure to meet any of the terms and conditions  could result in legal action being taken against the Sponsor.

Qualification to be a Sponsor

A Sponsor can only be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. The sponsor must be at least 19 years old and physically resides in Canada (or able to demonstrate an intention to reside in Canada by the time the sponsored family member lands in Canada).

Note: The sponsor may not be in prison, bankrupt nor under a removal order (deportation)

A Sponsor can also have a Co-Signer whose income can be included along with that of the Sponsor. The Co-signer can only be the Sponsor’s Spouse and must  be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident who is at least 19 years old.

Knowing the best means to represent yourself and your intentions in Canada is vital. Even though, a reliable sponsor goes a long way in allowing you to benefit from the opportunities this country has to offer. A sound immigration lawyer can be essential in establishing a firmer grasp of the legalities behind your visit. Niren and Associates has ample experience dealing with Sponsorship matters and are here to listen.

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Although at this time my Partner in life has not been given her Permanent Resident Visa to enter Canada, I must say now a huge and grateful Thank You to all involved in helping Myself and My Conjugal Partner be able to reside together here in Canada.Denny and Janice K