Has Your Canadian Immigration Application Been Refused?

Thousands of people attempt to apply for Canadian immigration each year. So, it is only expected that not all will be accepted. If you have experienced a refusal for Canadian immigration, a skilled immigration lawyer may be best suited to review your case.  The attorneys for our Boston office have successfully filed appeals on behalf of many clients and are willing to review your case.

Immigration Refusal and Your Options

If your application for Canadian immigration was refused, you may still have options.

• You may be eligible to appeal your Canadian Immigration Application Refusal to the Federal Court of Canada within a certain period after you were notified of the refusal by Canada Immigration.
• You may be eligible to appeal your Canadian Immigration Application Refusal to the Immigration Adjudication Division (IAD) within a certain period of time after your application was refused by Canada Immigration.
• You may be able to make a request for Restoration to the Case Processing Centre (CPC) after being notified of the refusal.

Know Your Options for Immigration Refusals

Determining what option is best suited for your particular case may depend on a number of factors:

• Is it a Skilled Worker Application, Canadian Sponsorship Application or Canadian Work Visa refusal?
• Where was the Canadian immigration application filed and processed?
• Was your Canadian immigration application filed within Canada or at a Canadian Consulate or Embassy outside of Canada?

Obtaining the proper information is vital in presenting a successful case. Niren and Associates has over 15 years experience in helping others determine what option is right for them.

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Reasons for Refusal

Generally, refusals for Canadian immigration applications do not just happen. When applications for Canadian immigration are submitted, an immigration officer is responsible for reviewing the application and making an assessment about whether it should be approved or denied. The immigration officer has guidelines for making decisions on immigration cases.

When applications do not meet the various standards and criteria set out in the Immigration Regulations and Manuals, then the likely result is a refusal. However, in many cases, Canadian immigration officers make mistakes in their decisions. They often are too strict in their interpretation of the guidelines or they simply fail to review all the documentation and information in an application.

Whatever the reason for the refusal, it is important to act very quickly once you are notified that your case was denied. You should then seek out a qualified and experienced Canadian immigration lawyer who is licensed. If your case has merit, then an Immigration Appeal should be considered.

How to Go About Filing an Appeal After Refusal

Your next course of action would likely be determined by addressing the following questions:

• Are eligible to appeal the negative immigration decision?
• How long do you have to file your appeal?
• What Canadian immigration court should you file the appeal? Is it the Federal Court of Canada or the IAD?
• What procedure is involved in filing and processing the Immigration Appeal? What steps have to be taken?
• How long is it going to take? When should I expect a result?
• What are the chances of success of the Immigration Appeal?

Immigration refusals are not uncommon and there are many criteria to support why you may be denied entry into Canada. If you have been refused at the border, you may benefit by contacting a skilled immigration attorney. Niren and Associates specializes in immigration law, so let us use our expertise to your advantage.

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I want to to say thanks to you for taking me throughout this odd challenge. I recognize that you simply used your time to listen to me and allowed me to describe a history of the circumstances, make sense from it and assist me to present a good application. – Deirdre L.