Five Questions You Should Ask An Immigration Attorney

If you are planning on hiring an immigration attorney, you’ve likely narrowed down your choices to one or two from the many that are available in your local area. You may have taken the time to read their website, look them up online and even may have spoken to them on the telephone. But when you go in for a consultation, you should take the opportunity to ask them several questions in order to finally make your choice. 

Questions to ask an immigration lawyer

Question 1: Will my case be successful? This is sort of a trick question. A good immigration lawyer should tell you your chances of success honestly. Anything can happen with an immigration application, but their experience will give them a good idea. But a lawyer who says they can guarantee your approval may be engaged in fraud.

Question 2: Will you be the lawyer that is personally handling my case? In most law firms there are several different lawyers available. You may be represented by a different lawyer than you are currently speaking with, so clarify this with them.

Question 3: What are your fees? There is nothing wrong with wanting to see a breakdown of the lawyer’s fees in advance. You don’t want to be surprised later, and you shouldn’t be. Be worried if the lawyer seems secretive or defensive about that question.

Question 4: How often will you call me? You may need to wait for applications and paperwork to be processed, but your lawyer should always seem like they are available to you. Ask how often they will be in contact.

Question 5: Do you have testimonials? Lawyers who are successful will have happy clients that send them thank you letters or write testimonials for them. If they do not have any for you to see, ask why.

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