Five Ways To Look Into An Immigration Lawyer Before You Hire

Choosing the right immigration lawyer or immigration attorney to help you with your immigration needs is an extremely important decision. It cannot be taken lightly, but it can be a difficult choice to make because there are so many immigration attorneys and immigration consultants available in cities across North America. Before you make your choice, spend a bit of time researching immigration attorneys in your area to find the one that is right for you. How to Research an Immigration Lawyer

How to research an immigration lawyer

Tip 1: Use Google. Googling the name of an immigration lawyer or an immigration law firm will bring up all kinds of information about them. You can find out whether they’ve been in the news for winning awards, whether they’ve been in the media because they’ve had problems and you can also find unbiased consumer reviews.

Tip 2: Ask your friends and family. If you know someone who has obtained a visa or immigrated, they may have used an immigration lawyer. Find out if they have and what their experience was like. They may be able to tell you who is a great immigration attorney and who is not.

Tip 3: Speak to the immigration law firm over the phone. How you are treated before you become a client gives you insight into how you will be treated once you are actually a client.

Tip 4: Read the immigration law firm’s website. Does the content make it appear that the lawyer is experienced and knows what they are talking about? Is there any content at all? Is the website informative and helpful, or just a push for a consultation?

Tip 5: Read the immigration lawyer’s blog. While similar to the website, the blog is more news-related and will tell you if the lawyer stays up to date on the latest visa news and immigration laws and regulation changes.

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