Five Ways To Make Your Application Stand Out

Applying for a visa for the United States or to immigrate to the United States can seem extremely daunting, sometimes because of the sheer amount of paperwork that is involved. While paperwork is not the only part of the immigration process, paperwork and your immigration application can make or break your immigration journey. If there is an error or omission on your application, it can take longer to process or even be denied. Avoid this by using our tips for properly filling out your immigration application forms. Make Your Immigration Application Stand Out

How to fill out immigration applications properly

Tip 1: Whenever you file any kind of immigration paperwork with the immigration department, keep photocopies. This means photocopying all components of your application, including supporting documents, application forms and even the courier slip when you end up mailing in your application.

Tip 2: Go through every page of the application form and read it over before you begin filling it out. Make sure that you know and understand the instructions for filling out each page, and that you follow them.

Tip 3: Write “not applicable” in the spaces that do not apply to you or your situation instead of leaving them empty. An empty space makes the application seem unfinished to an immigration officer.

Tip 4: Write a cover letter explaining why something cannot be included if that is the case. Otherwise, your application will appear to be missing something without any explanation why.

Tip 5: Bring your application package to a licensed immigration lawyer before you submit it. This can help you catch any mistakes or omissions as well as ensure that your application is ready to be reviewed by an immigration officer.

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