What do I bring to the US border for a B1 Business Visitor Visa for Boston

Boston is usually a popular vacation and business destination for the USA, and business guests who must visit Boston pertaining to conferences, or other business activities must generally apply for a B1 business visa. These visas are quick to acquire, but also challenging to acquire. The U.S. border officials must be absolutely sure your motives for visiting America to do business are valid, as verified by specific documents you’ll want to bring with you when you apply at the border. 

Documents needed for a B1 business visitor visa

When you go to the U.S. border to get a business visitor visa, you will need to provide immigration officers with many different documents which demonstrate the eligibility for that visa. Above all, you should demonstrate that you’ll only be doing the activities that are permitted on a B1 business visa. These activities may include consulting with your American business acquaintances, attending business conventions or perhaps conferences, buying property and much more.

A letter from your employer describing your job as well as what that you are expected being doing in the US, a copy of the activity itinerary you expect to engage in or a copy on the invitation that has been sent to you personally from an America organization could be considered acceptable proof of your intended activities.

Additionally, you will need to supply proof to U.S. officials that you’ll return back to your country once finished. You should bring any proof of your ties to your country with you to the US, like evidence of the property owned, an apartment lease, standard bank records, loan information, proof you might have close relatives in your country or info on full-time employment at home.

Hire a good immigration lawyer for your B1 business visa!

Since you must go all the way to the border for the B1 visa, there isn’t a room for mistakes and therefore you can’t take any chances. You must have your documentation and ensure you are prepared appropriately so an immigration officer understands that you’ll leave America when you are expected to, and you won’t be coming over to America to do work for an American employer.

We have helped quite a few Canadians and other foreign nationals visit America for business travel, and we know exactly what American border officials are going to be looking for if you ask to enter the United States on a B1 visa. Call us at the telephone number on the top of this page for help!

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