Apply for an H1B work visa for Boston

Are you interested in working in Boston or anywhere else in the United States on an H1B work visa? These visas can be a great opportunity for any foreign national, including Canadian citizens. However, obtaining one of these visas is not easy. You must be prepared when you apply for one, as well as possess all of the required documentation to be eligible for the H1B work visa. 

Work in Boston on an H1B work visa

The H1B work visa is people working in specialty occupations, which usually means that you must have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Along with filing your own application to obtain an H1B work visa, your employer must also file several different things:

They must file a Labor Condition Attestation, which describes the job, working condition, wages paid and the business or company’s history of hiring foreign workers. If you want to extend your H1B work visa, your employer will have to file a new Labor Condition Attestation, and this is filed with the United States Department of Labour.

In order to prove that they will be paying you the prevailing wage or higher (the standard wage for that occupation in their geographic area) by filing a prevailing wage determination request.

Your employer must also petition you for an H1B visa themselves, and this needs to be approved before you can file your own application.

H1B work visa lawyers serving Boston and surrounding areas

If you want to work in the United States using an H1B work visa, note that there is an annual cap for these applications every year. For example, during the 2011/2012 fiscal year there was a cap of 65,000 applications accepted. This means that determining where and when to file your application can be tricky, and you can seriously benefit from hiring a licensed immigration lawyer (or attorney in the United States) guide you through the application process. We are available at the above phone number for consultations, advice and to set up an appointment to assess your case. You are closer than you think to working in the United States, you might just need a little help to get there!

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