US Waiver Lawyers in Boston

If you have plans to visit the United States but you have a criminal record, be aware that there is a possibility that you will be denied entry to the United States. This can put a serious dent in any plans you may have had in the United States. Regardless of your reasons for visiting the United States and your current situation, a criminal record from your past can cause you to be refused entry. If this were to happen to you, you would have to return to your home country. 

Reasons for someone being denied entry to the United States

Health issues, criminal histories and immigration system violations or fraud can cause someone to be inadmissible to the United States. Some examples of these include:

– Someone who has a criminal record because they have committed specific crimes such as drug trafficking, prostitution, crimes of moral turpitude, multiple crimes or someone who has a criminal record in either the United States or in Canada.

– Anyone who has committed immigration violations such as having been removed or deported from the US in the past, someone who has claimed to be a United States citizen when they weren’t, someone who committed immigration fraud or someone who has overstayed a visa. ??- Someone who has mental health problems, physical health problems, a communicable disease, a drug problem or who does not have enough money to cover their trip in the United States could be considered inadmissible.

United States Waiver Lawyers in Boston

You can avoid being denied entry to the United States when you overcome your inadmissibility with a United States waiver. However, they are not easy to obtain and the process for applying for one is time consuming and difficult. You will need to make a very good case as to why you deserve to enter the United States, and a licensed immigration lawyer can help you make these arguments. We are experienced in helping people overcome their inadmissibility for both Canada and the United States. To speak with a licensed immigration attorney and to find out if you are inadmissible, contact us at the number above as soon as possible.

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