TN Visa Lawyers in Boston

If you are a Canadian citizen with a job offer waiting for you in Boston, a TN visa might be the exact type of United States work permit you need in order to get to that job and start working in the United States. This type of work permit is available for Canadian citizens only, but it does have several strict requirements you need to make sure you meet before you apply. If you are not eligible or you make a mistake with your application, you could be denied and be forced to pass up the job opportunity you’ve been waiting for. 

What do I need to obtain a TN Visa?

A TN visa is typically valid for up to three years, so you will need to ensure that you have a passport that will be valid for at least three years. This passport can also serve as proof of your Canadian citizenship, which is necessary for a TN Visa. However, these are not the only requirements you will need to be eligible for a TN Visa.

Your United States job offer should be on the NAFTA list, which is a list of occupations approved for a TN visa that includes job types such as doctor, lawyer, scientist or engineer. Most of these jobs require a very high level of education, so you will need to demonstrate that you have the required level of education and expertise for the job you’ve been offered in order to be eligible for a TN Visa.

Along with a qualifying job offer for which you’re eligible, you will need to prove to the United States government that you will not overstay your TN Visa and fully intend to return to Canada once your work is complete or before your TN Visa expires, whichever comes first. You can do this by demonstrating you have property in Canada, close or immediate family in Canada, as well as employment when you return to Canada.

Need help with a TN Visa application for Boston?

If you want to work in Boston and have an existing job offer from a United States employer, do not leave your TN Visa application up to chance. If you are denied for a TN visa, you will pass up the opportunity to work in the United States and your job will go to someone else! We can assist you in obtaining a TN Visa, or finding another type of work visa for the United States if need be. We have been assisting Canadian citizens when it comes to applying for TN visas and other United States work permits for over 15 years, and we can help you too.

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