Denied Entry to US at Boston Airport

Are you intending to visit Boston in the near future? You may have to fly into a Boston airport. However, if you are a foreign national coming from an international flight to Boston you will have to get through the US Customs and Border Officials first.

It’s the US Customs and Border Officials’ job that only people with good intentions are allowed into the United States. They will have a very close look at you, and in the end – even if you have already applied and been approved for a visa to the United States – it is up to them whether or not you are admissible to the United States.

What happens when you are denied entry at a Boston airport?

When you are denied entry to the United States at an airport, such as a Boston airport, you will be detained until there is a flight leaving to take you back to where you came from. This can be a very unpleasant experience. While the detainment area is comfortable and not like a prison, it is still very embarrassing to be pulled out of line at the customs area and told that you are not allowed to enter the United States.

Any plans you had will have to be forgotten about and any important meetings or connecting flights will need to be missed. Anything you have already paid for may be non-refundable, which means that you’ve wasted both time and money.

How can I avoid being denied entry to the United States?

It is extremely wise to determine if you are eligible to enter the United States long before your trip begins. If you contact a licensed immigration attorney, we can help you determine whether or not you are eligible to enter the United States after we assess your case.

If you are not eligible to enter the United States, you could consider apply for a United States waiver of inadmissibility, which would waive this ineligibility for a temporary period so you can visit the United States.

However, this is a very complicated process and quite a few of these applications end up being denied. Please let us help you to ensure you have the best chance.

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