When you overstay in Boston, what is your status?

A US Visa overstay means that you have remained in the United States after the date in which your visa for the United States has expired. 

When you overstay a US visa, you are considered to be “out of status”.

When you had the US visa and it was still valid (not yet expired), you had lawful status in the United States. But once it expires, you are out of status.

If your US Visa is about to expire, you can leave the United States and re-apply for a new visa, or file for an extension of status to increase the length of time of your lawful status.

However, if you do not take action before your visa expires and remain in the United States after the expiry date, you have overstayed the visa.

What are some of the consequences for overstaying a visa in the United States?

Some of the consequences you can face if you overstay your United States visa include:

1. You might not be able to adjust your status.
2. Your visa could be voided.
3. You might not be able to get a new visa unless you return to your home country first and apply from there.
4. You might not be able to extend your stay.
5. You could be barred from re-entering the United States for three years or ten years.

Being in the United States without status can be very problematic. If your visa is about to expire, it is extremely important that you discuss your situation with a licensed immigration lawyer who can help you determine what your options are. If you have already overstayed your United States visa, you can call us using the number above or e-mail us at the form next to this post. We can help!

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