Lying On One’s Immigration Forms = Foolish Move

Recently reported in a short excerpt on, a 69 year old former Salvadoran military commander, Inocente Orlando Montano, was expected to plead guilty in Boston federal court after being accused of lying about his military background on his immigration forms. It is suspected that the accused did so in order to remain in the United States, where he has lived for the past decade.

In a surprise move, a former Salvadoran military commander accused of plotting the assassination of six Jesuit priests in 1989 abruptly balked at a plea agreement on federal immigration charges yesterday.

Montano lied believing that the truth would may result in application denial. The importance of filing an application properly and with the correct support documentation cannot be understated if one wants to immigrate to the US to live, study or work.

Proper Procedure for US Immigration

Immigrating to the United States can offer tremendous opportunities but also involves many unforeseen challenges. Something as simple as incorrectly submitted documents, can put a halt on your plans before they had a chance to formulate. Contacting an experienced immigration lawyer is often the best means of obtaining favorable results.

A Look at Green Cards

There are different types of US Immigration or Green Card Categories and it is extremely important that you be informed of the criteria of each before application. These categories are:

  • Employment Based Green Cards
  • Family Based Green Cards
  • Green Card Lottery

Understanding What US Work Visa is Right For You

Knowing what kind of visa to pursue is critical. However, pin-pointing your course of action is only the first of many vital steps. The most comon US work visas are the following:

  • TN Visa : Fast track US Work Visas for Canadians who can get approved on the spot at the US/Canada Port of Entry.
  • L-1 Visa : US Work Visa for workers and owners in Canada wishing to transfer to their US new office or existing business.
  • E2 Visa : You can get a US Work Visa by Investing in the US.
  • H-1B : Specialty Occupations
  • H-2B :  Non-Agricultural Workers
  • E-1 : Treaty Trader

After being advised by the judge of the consequences of a guilty plea, Montano stood to face the court.  The plea hearing was postponed when the former commander had second thoughts.

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